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High Temperature Modular Reactor (HTMR-100)

The HTMR-100 is a result of over 25 years’ worth of development.

The HTMR-100 operates on Helium gas cooling.

Such gas-cooled reactors run at high temperatures which Is excellent for heat extraction and therefore for electricity production.

The output temperature of our reactor is 750oC.

This hot Helium is then routed into a water heat-exchanger called the Steam Generator, because it produces high-temperature, high-pressure steam, which then drives a conventional steam turbine.

It is most important to note that all systems down line of the reactor itself are purchased off the shelf from any suitable suppliers.

For any purchaser there are no ‘unknowns’ in the construction of the entire plant downline of the reactor building.

This is all well-known established technology

During 2022, new Steam Generators were delivered to Koeberg Nuclear Power Station as part of a significant mid-career upgrade after 40 years of outstanding operation.

All of this technology can all be ordered long in advance of needing it, so that suppliers have adequate time to plan for delivery.

Once the reactor is running it does not even need to be switched off for refueling, or for any other reason. Any downtime of the reactor would be an intentional decision of the power station manager. Any local legislation may require a reactor to be switched off for periodic inspections and maintenance procedures, but that is a decision which is easily planned for.

An HTMR-100 guarantees extremely reliable energy production…..Continuously.

Schematic of the HTMR-100 Small Modular Reactor vessel interior.

The HTMR-100 reactor is housed inside a cylindrical concrete pressure building. 

The interior of the building is always kept at a slightly lower pressure than the outside. This is so that any movement of air is always inwards, so preventing any gas escape.

All air and gasses which leave the building con only go out via the ventilation stack. This stack is constantly monitored for any possible radiation escape.

About half of the building is underground.

Electricity or Heat

The reactor emits 100 MW of high temperature gas. The purchaser has the option of using the gas as-is for processes such as Water Desalination, or for any industrial process which needs such heat. This heat can be piped around an industrial neighbourhood.

Any purchaser also has the option of using an HTMR-100 to produce electricity. If this route is chosen then by the natural laws of physics, this 100 MW of gas-heat will produce 35 MW of electricity, via a conventional steam turbine and electrical generator. This electricity is then transmitted to customers in the normal fashion.

An HTMR-100 Nuclear Power Station can either be connected into a National Grid, or can run independently with its own mini-grid.

Multiple reactors

The HTMR-100 system has been designed such that multiple reactors can be linked together on one site. Initially a customer may have in mind to have five or six reactors together in one cluster. If so then it is possible to design the power station for say six, but only initially build one reactor.

When a second reactor is needed it can be built and merely connected to the existing control room, so to speak. It is not necessary to build a second plant entirely. There would be no need to build an extra administration block, or any new offices for the engineering division, or extra workshops, and so on.

So any customer can add extra reactors at any time in the future when finances allow for it, or when demand increases.

The HTMR-100 system offers the ultimate in flexibility.

Site layout of an HTMR-100 Nuclear Power Station consisting of a single reactor.

Additional reactors can be added to the complex as required.

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