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Read: 'No deal or agreement reached regarding nuclear power for MMSEZ"

“We are having a conversation with them about exploring various options provided for in the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)”

Read: 'Pretoria nuclear expert wants to give SA nuke plan some steam"

“An innovative and ingenious nuclear physicist and businessman from Pretoria, Dr Kelvin Kemm, believes a product from the Pretoria company Stratek Global has a place in the government’s plan.”

Watch: Pro-nuclear advocate Princy Mtombeni of Pretoria speaks about the 20 year extention of Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
Listen: 'SA is miles ahead in nuclear energy tech'
Read: "Why South Africa needs nuclear to achieve a balanced energy transition"
Watch: Pro-nuclear advocate Princy Mtombeni of Pretoria visits the Russian floating SMR system above the Arctic Circle.
Read: "Europe’s nuclear revival lacks a key ingredient: skilled workers"

“Europe’s aggressive blueprint to bolster its nuclear fleet for the energy transition is jeopardised by a lack of key components: skilled workers.”

Read: "South Africa doubles down on nuclear power"

“Speaking with the Sunday Times, Ramokgopa said that the nuclear plan aims to secure approval from the Treasury to build a 2,500MW power plant next month, with the team working on the deal finalising the procurement structure.”

Read: EIR May 17, 2024 Vol. 51 No. 20 | Doubling Electricity Use and Fresh Water with Networks of SMRs

“Over many centuries, if
there is one subject that has transcended
political conflict, it’s
been science. Scientists who continue
to talk to each other during
times of conflict; this is terribly

Read: Ramaphosa’s Administration And The Electricity Challenges In South Africa – Interview

“Dr Kelvin Kemm, a nuclear physicist and former chairman of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (NECSA), and current Chairman of Stratek Global, a nuclear project management company based in Pretoria, South Africa, thoroughly discusses the dynamics of energy situation, its impact on the economy and the ultimate pathway forward in South Africa.”

Read: The future of energy: Why should it be nuclear-based?

“Energy is essential for human life and technology, powering homes, industries, transportation, and communication. It drives innovation, improves living standards, and fosters economic growth.”

Read: Nuclear Renaissance: Subtle with promise of extreme results

“Renewed interest in nuclear energy might yet support renewables in outpacing global coal-fired power generation.”

Read: "The Scandalous Science Behind Nuclear Regulation"

“Nuclear power could be a game-changer for energy affordability, grid reliability, and carbon reduction. However, it’s been stifled for decades based on one deeply flawed scientific model: the linear no-threshold (LNT) model.”

Read: EIR May 17, 2024 Vol. 51 No. 20 | The Small, Pebble-Bed Modular Reactor Is Indispensable

“Abundant, low-cost electricity
will be the life-blood of the productive and
happy Africa of tomorrow. The existing,
small but growing flow of electricity is the
“river” that will bring Africa to its tomorrow, and nuclear power will be indispensable to the rapid growth of this flow”

Watch: BIZNEWS | $480 million nuclear reactor for SA…

A landmark agreement has been signed for a R9 billion innovative nuclear reactor in South Africa. In this conversation with BizNews, the partners to that agreement Stephen Edkins and Warren La Fleur of Koya Capital and Dr. Kelvin Kemm of Stratek Global, share the details and provide a timeline. The First of a Kind (FOAK) Small Modular Reactor (SMR) will have the capacity to generate 100MW of heat and 35MW of electricity. It is expected to break ground before the end of the year. Apart from the South African market, there’s been “a lot of interest” in the venture, not only from African countries, but from countries like Australia, Canada, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

Read: Nuclear Finance Initiative R9 Billion

Koya Capital and Stratek Global sign Partnership for Innovative Nuclear Reactor in South Africa

Read: Netwerk 24 | Geld nou aktief gesoek vir nuwe klein kernreaktor
Read: Moneyweb | "Pebble bed nuclear reactor gets a reboot"

“At a presentation on Tuesday hosted by the Southern African Agri Initiative (Saai), South Africans were brought up to speed on the latest advances in nuclear technology and the recent partnership between private equity firm C5 Capital and the farming sector to bring small, modular reactors capable of generating 300MW of clean power to the remotest of areas.”

Listen: Op en wakker | "Kernkrag vir boere"

“C5 en die landbouorganisasie, SAAI, het nou ’n vennootskap aangegaan om reaktors en wetenskap in te span om Suid-Afrikaanse boere by te staan.”

Update: NEA SMR Dashboard: Second Edition

Stratek Global appears on the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) International Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Dashboard of SMR developers. All information is independently verified via 3rd Parties by the NEA.


An interesting discussion  on “energy mix” and the need for transformation to nuclear energy. Energy security, climate agreements, industrialisation, social and economic impact are all factors considered. Is it sustainable to keep coal as a base load solution? Is nuclear the better alternative?

Watch: "Strategic partnership announced to pioneer advanced nuclear energy solutions for agriculture in South Africa and beyond"

“The Southern African Agri Initiative (Saai) and C5 Capital, a pioneering investment firm based in Washington DC specialising in advanced nuclear energy solutions, announced a groundbreaking strategic partnership today.”

Read: "An alliance to spearhead the development of innovative nuclear solutions to bolster agriculture and ensure food security across South Africa and the wider African continent."

“Reflecting on the historical context, South Africa was at the forefront of PBMR technology, engaging in international cooperation that saw significant advancements in the early 2000s. Despite the subsequent discontinuation of South Africa’s PBMR programme, this partnership aims to reignite the nation’s legacy in nuclear innovation, leveraging proudly South African technology that has been refined and improved over the years..”

Read: Major Nuclear Medicine research facility opens.

“Steve Biko Academic Hospital made history on March 7 when it opened the doors of the first-ever medical nuclear research facility on the continent.”

Read: "The U.S. Is Betting Big on Small Nuclear Reactors."

“After decades of decline, the U.S. is significantly increasing its investment in nuclear energy to address climate change and strengthen energy security.”

Read: Forget ‘Oppenheimer’ — nuclear power is having its moment in Washington"

“Freshly passed legislation and new rules from the Biden administration are putting teeth behind a renewed bipartisan push for nuclear power, which has suffered major setbacks in recent decades despite advocates’ repeated predictions over the years that the industry was on the brink of a renaissance.”

Read: "KNRA: Nuclear vital to Kenya’s industrialisation bid"

“The planned construction of a nuclear power plant by 2027, they say, is a timely  move as the country’s electricity consumption is on the rise… “

Read: "Ghana aims for 30% nuclear energy by 2070 – Akufo-Addo."

“President Nana Akufo-Addo says Ghana is envisioning nuclear energy to account for thirty percent of the country’s energy mix by 2070.”

Read: "Mini nuclear power plants to get South Africa out of the impasse?"

“Small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) could help South Africa emerge from the energy crisis in which the country is mired while decarbonizing its energy production. This is the opinion of South African nuclear experts.”

Watch: Dr Kelvin Kemm makes headline news on ENCA.

“… gas cooled small modular reactor, which it says, can be installed within 3 years on a site smaller than a football field and can produce enough power for an entire city…”

Read: "Minister of Electricity Kgosientsho Ramokgopa said government was procuring more sources of energy to ensure energy security supply, and this included nuclear and gas."

“Ramokgopa said government would this year begin the process to procure 2,500MW of nuclear energy, convert diesel open gas turbine to gas and rollout solar Photovoltaic (PV) with battery storage.”

Read: "Unlocking Africa's potential: African experts meet to discuss nuclear science deployment."

“African experts, innovators and leaders are converging in Morocco to deliberate on the progress made in deploying nuclear science for socioeconomic development.”

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Read: Nuclear Power Exports for South Africa

“Today at the Mining Indaba in Cape Town Dr Kelvin Kemm, Chairman of Stratek Global stated that South Africa can be a nuclear reactor exporting country.”

Watch: The implications for mining of new nuclear technology

“In an exclusive interview with MITV at Investing in African Mining Indaba, Dr. Kelvin Kemm, Chairman at Stratek Global, discusses the Nuclear’s energy’s renaissance and the implications for mining of new nuclear technology.”

Watch: DA’s Mileham spewed political propaganda - nuclear power is cheaper, safer, faster.
Read: KELVIN KEMM | Government and industry need to exhibit true leadership and build proposed new reactors

“The government has announced that the country is going ahead with the development of 2,500 MW of new nuclear power..”

Read: "No loadshedding if we had neuclear programme 10 years ago"

“The gazetting of a new determination launching the process to precure 2,500mw of neuclear energy for South Africa has been welcomed by experts”

Watch: Process for new nuclear generation capacity begins

“Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA chairperson David Nicholas says this would be a long term investment as nuclear plants have a longer lifespan.”

Read: Nuclear Energy: Africa, heed the call to energy sovereignty

“Nuclear energy stands out as a promising source that can help us light up the path to a cleaner, more equitable and more prosperous future.”

Read: Extra Nuclear Power for SA

An excellent article by an outspoken advocate for Nuclear Power.

Read: Ending loadshedding: green or greener?

Nuclear energy: “South Africa has a deep history of nuclear research and expertise, and a local consortium, led by venture capitalist André Pienaar’s firm, C5 Capital, is moving ahead with a plan to construct a series of small modular reactors in the Western Cape, as part of Eskom’s independent power producer (IPP) programme.”

Read: South Africa to seek bids for new nuclear power station

“CAPE TOWN, Dec 12 (Reuters) – South Africa will launch a bidding process for an extra 2,500 megawatts (MW) of nuclear power by March, as the country attempts to tackle its worst power outages on record.”

Watch: Dr Kelvin Kemm talks to OBN -Insight on COP28, Ethiopian green legacy, fossil fuels and finance

“Dr.Kelvin Kemm, an International Nuclear Energy Physicist Says Ethiopian Green Legacy initiative show cases the ideal mechanism that should be employed by every nations to halt the drastic Global Climate Changes.”

Read: Nuclear op-ed by Olivia Vaughn

Nuclear energy: “Illuminating path to cleaner, more equitable future”

Read: Status of nuclear units at Koegerg power station in South Africa

“On Saturday (18 November), Eskom’s Unit 1 at the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station was successfully synchronised to the grid.”

Read: "UNDICTATED: SA’s lost nuclear opportunity ready for comeback, can end blackouts"

“… but listening to Pretoria-based global nuclear expert Dr Kelvin Kemm, the sorry picture may change. In this episode of UNDICTATED, Kemm offers context into why nuclear went off the rails in SA…

Watch: Eskom 2022 & 2023 financials. Princy explains well!
View :Venture capitalist aims to spark SA nuclear energy revolution with mini reactors – André Pienaar

“Small modular nuclear reactors have long been utilised by the US Defence Department in aircraft carriers and submarines. Now, a consortium led by South African venture capitalist André Pienaar aims to introduce mini nuclear reactors to South Africa.”

Watch :2017 Court ruling - Princy

“2017 Court ruling on South Africa’s “trillion” rand nuclear deal – Princy gives perspective.

Read: Signing of MOU by Musina- Makhado Special Economic Zone and Cross Border Road Transport Agency on road infrastructure projects
NEWS: South Africa’s first mini nuclear reactor planned for the Western Cape

The Western Cape could get South Africa’s first mini nuclear reactor as early as 2026, Sunday news Rapport reports

Read: Here comes the nuclear IPP

The first reactor will cost around R9bn and will ideally be situated on Eskom’s Koeberg site

Read: Russia’s nuclear business outlook with Africa

Endowed with huge natural resources, Africa is comparatively the least developed region in this world.

NEWS: Ramakgopa calls for Pan-African view on energy infrastructure
Read: Wes-Kaap eerste op lys vir beplande kernkrag
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