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Sustainable Green-Energy Baseload Solution HTMR-100

An inclusive, sustainable, affordable, and secure global energy system. 

Balancing energy security, access, environmental sustainability, and economic development.

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Local Time: Pretoria, South Africa July 23, 2024 11:10 am



In the last decade of the 20th century, South African Nuclear Technologists started the process of building a small nuclear reactor that would not need water cooling and would serve large mining and industrial complexes in arid inland regions. The design was to be a modular concept, which became the cornerstone of the design. Helium gas was chosen for cooling and "pebbles" were chosen as fuel. And so was born the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR) project. In 2008, with a 2000 strong organisation, the PBMR team were ready to launch their First Of A Kind prototype. However, due to the international financial crisis large international banks, who were involved in financing deals withdrew. This together with an unexpected change in government caused the PBMR, to be placed on "hold". The "the hold" lasted and lasted. This then caused a small group of far-sighted developers form a private company .... to develop a variant of the PBMR . STRATEK GLOBAL was Born!

Technological Advancements In South Africa

South Africa is known globally for our nature and beauty as a travel destination. Our culture and natural resources are rich BUT so are our skills and advancements in manufacturing, mining and power technologies.

The Future Of Nuclear

Stratek Global's High Temperature Modular Reactor, is a Helium gas-cooled reactor and is graphite moderated. This design produces high quality steam which is then coupled to a steam turbine system to produce a continuous base load of 35 MW of electrical power.

Rapid & Reliable Fabrication

‘Modular‘ reactor means that the reactor is primarily fabricated indoors in a production plant. The individual assemblies are then transported to the construction site where these individual modules are rapidly assembled, with minimal complications arising.

Outpacing Competitors in Generation IV Reactors

Our team has designed a first-to-market nuclear reactor that is set to drastically accelerate the time to grid connection. It is ready to build

Environmentally Friendly and Produces "Clean Energy"

Our nuclear Reactor is completely Green. The internal pressure is higher than the external pressure. Nothing comes out except through the "stack" which is monitored for radiation. Nothing comes out of the nuclear reactor directly.

Passive Safety

Using the laws of physics and chemistry to our advantage, so that it naturally moves towards a safe situation without human intervention, and without the need for motive force to drive safety systems.


TRISO is Pebble Fuel developed and produced in Pretoria, South Africa. This fuel consists of grains of Uranium, each coated with a number of different coatings to accommodate all mechanical and chemical effects. These tiny particles are then all embedded in a graphic matrix about the size of a cricket ball.

Water Cooling Not Required

The HTMR-100 is Gen IV reactor which is a high temperature gas cooled reactor. A significant advance on the lower temperature water cooled reactors.

Global Challenges

Sustainable electrical supply Price and availability
Environmental impact of fossil fuels Population growth
Aging energy infrastructure Economic and technological growth
Excellence in engineering & construction Potable water requirements Shorter timelines for manufacturing Lower access to water cooling


High Temperature Modular Reactor Designed by Stratek Global

HTMR-100 Power Plant Model (Kudu Design)


Our advanced design far outpaces competitors currently
launching research projects into Generation IV reactors.

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